I’m Doing My Best But My Boss Wants Me Gone

Dear Mom:

Sir ma’am only one month staying here in my employer and she complaining that I don’t know everything but I do my very best to done all works in there house even in there studio i do everything carrying heavy things and others. She complaining that I don’t know how to cook don’t know how to speak English and don’t understand what they say but I know I need a little adjustment but now she went to my agency and cancel my work permit and buy me plane ticket. She didn’t listen my reason first she is angry when I tell her my reason this is not fair I tell her that I will change employer so that I can’t pay my deduction to her but my employer not listen

Ma’am sir can I find a new one

I work in there studio also and that is not allowed right

Hard Worker. 

Dear Worker:

Short answer: Yes, you will find another job. If not, find a new agency.

Long answer: The first thing I’m going to tell you is to be careful. Applying for a job in a different country is a very big challenge. There are language barriers, culture shock, and different expectations. It would be wonderful if the family you’re working for is understanding and patient while you adjust – and those families do exist. But the sad side is that you may have to try many placements before you find one. Add to that the fact that a family who needs and can afford your services typically has a bigger sense of entitlement – meaning they’ll be more demanding of you.

The only thing you can do is your best. If that’s not good enough, and it’s not a good fit, it’s best for you to move on. Hopefully, an experienced placement agency understands this and is willing to work with you. They should also be very good at finding you a placement that works for everyone. The better the agency, the better the placement fit. If your agency doesn’t work for you, find a new one.

That said, I want to warn you to be EXTREMELY careful. Young people wanting to work outside of the safety of their own countries are incredibly vulnerable to human trafficking. Watch closely for signs that you’re falling into danger. If your employer insists on holding on to your passport, if they limit your activities in your free time (won’t let you have friends, go out, talk to family), if they ignore basic rules of paying wages, setting hours, and provide unsafe or uncomfortable, or even illegal, working conditions, get to the police the first chance you get. I know that in North America, and most European countries, police departments are equipped with Human Trafficking Teams who specialize in rescuing people who have been victimized by evil employers. Don’t be afraid to approach them – even if it’s just to ask questions and learn the ropes. You are the only one who can keep you safe. I can’t begin to give you details on that here, but do some checking online for local support and information.

In the meantime, continue to improve your English – which is obviously good enough to communicate your situation to me! Build skills that come in handy as live-in help – learn first aid and CPR, maybe get a lifesaving certification, etc. Hard workers always come out ahead. Just be safe. And feel free to let me know how you’re doing!

Hope that helps,

Love Mom.

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