Will My Keg Freeze?

Dear Mom:

If I keep a 68.8L keg of beer in the garage for two days, will it freeze?
Its winter where I am..


Dear Buxbaum:

Short answer: Yes, it will.

Long answer: Of course it depends on how cold the garage is. And whether you leave the keg out in the open or whether it’s buried up against an interior wall so your roommates don’t find it.

I’ll leave a case of bottles out back to about -5ºC, but only while we’re tapping into it. I wouldn’t store it out there overnight once the temp drops much below freezing.

If it’s really cold out, bring it inside. Then about an hour before you want to use it, take it outside and pack it lightly in snow. It’ll chill the beer as if it were in a cooler full of ice. And the snow, at freezing, is actually warmer than the air at -bazillion. (Think about ducks floating in a lake in winter – the water’s actually warmer than the air – although they have a layer of down to prevent hypothermia – your keg does not, so don’t forget it out there.)

Bottom line is, it probably won’t be a problem for long. Just remember to enjoy responsibly.

Hope that helps,

Love Mom.

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