Should I Smoke Pot?

Dear Mom:

My friends are always trying to get me to try smoking pot with them. I’m running out of excuses. I want to try it, but truth is, I’m scared. My sister got into a lot of trouble with it. What should I do?

‘Lil Sis 

Dear ‘Lil Sis:

Short answer: Don’t do it.

Long answer: You already know your answer, Sweetie, or you wouldn’t be asking me. So the problem is one of two things. You either want me to give you permission to do it, or you want me to help you out of the situation altogether.

I don’t think you’re looking for permission – you don’t need it. And you know what kind of trouble it can bring. You won’t get a “Yay! Go for it!” from me.

So let’s talk about getting you out of the situation.

It’s not about making excuses. No means no, no explanation necessary. If your friends are really your friends, they’ll respect that.

But ask yourself why they want you to smoke up with them in the first place. Why does anyone want others to pick up their bad habits?

The answer to that is, so they can feel better about it themselves. Every person who joins another in a nasty habit or action or opinion helps to encourage the nasty. If I’m the only one at school smoking pot, well, maybe I’m the one doing something wrong. But if there’s one other person with me, then it doesn’t feel so bad. Add a few more people, and it starts to feel pretty ok. And if we all hang out together with a LOT of other potheads, well, eventually, we’ll be in charge and nobody can stop us.

They want you on their team.

Sit back and watch them. Are they really your friends? Do they support and help you in the things that matter to you? Does your family like them? Do they have the same rules about life as you? If so, just keep saying no. And if not, move on. You’re better off with no friends than bad friends.

Hope that helps,

Love Mom.

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